Garbage-Fueled Reactor

Proprietary Combustion Technology

The scalable and modular combustion systems burn 50 tons of SRF per day, generating up to 3MW. A set of three combustors achieves further turbine efficiencies, and generates up to12MW. A complete system includes 3 combustors, 1 heat exchanger, 1 anti-pollution device and 1 large turbine.

Comparison with Others

  1. It is highly energy efficient because the heat generated from combustion is delivered directly to the heat exchanger instead of being accumulated or released.
  2. All combustible materials' combustion by themselves, and combustion mixed with other materials, such as wood, are both feasible. Also, by utilizing the proprietary cool-off technology, it can exclusively combust plastic which has the highest amount of heat energy, without any deformation of the equipment.
  3. By supplying combustion air from beneath and spiral flows with an expanded area that directly contacts the fuel, it is practicable to combust at high speed and high temperature, a large amount of fuel in a compact space.
  4. We can increase the hours of operation because the combustor can swiftly cool down and operate when maintaining and repairing the combustor.
  5. The systems are modular and scalable.

Air Pollution Prevention

  • Our company’s verified types of designs to prevent air pollution
  • Optimum system construction based on our company’s experience and accumulation of technology
  • Stable system establishment by minimizing the generated amount of secondary pollutants
  • Feasible to actively cope with any further environment-related regulations