Pampanga Photovolataic Power Plant

Construction of a solar powered power Plant (w/o Battery Bank) with a 15MW installed capacity in Porac Pampanga
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Project Details

Ensuring a stable supply of electricity plays a very important role for local businesses and industries to be able to perform and conduct businesses at optimal level. However, due to the diminishing amount of fuel reserves and unstable price of gases, governments are looking into tapping renewable sources of energy as an alternative source and decrease the dependency on fuel imports. The Philippine government through the DOE has invited and encouraged various companies to invest in the power generation industry to address the future power demand or needs of the Philippines.

Naturalis Potentia is a development company that aims to construct environment-friendly power plants to address the electrical power needs of the industry. The company is currently working on constructing a 15 MW Photovoltaic power plant in Pampanga.

  • Project Name Pampanga Photovoltaic Power Plant Project
  • Constitution/ Sector: Private Company (Foreign Investment)
  • Location: Villa Maria, Porac, Pampanga Philippines
  • Power Plant Life Span: 20 yrs
  • Promoters : Naturalis Potentia Inc
  • Website:
  • Estimated Initial Cost: 40.52 M USD
  • Project Financing: 28.37 M USD
  • Private Investment: 12.16 M USD